23 September 2022

Gleeson Land promote land through the complex planning system, unlocking value for landowners and delivering sustainable and attractive sites for new homes to be built on. We pride ourselves on promoting land for sustainable development that has strong connectivity and accessibility to local communities and public transport infrastructures. Where appropriate, we design in green open spaces that provide wellbeing and facilities to support future house buyers, promote sites that incorporate sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) and link our developments to adjoining habitats and nature corridors whilst supporting community projects such as amenity improvements and public transport access.   

As part of MJ Gleeson plc, we support the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and we are playing our part to support and make the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a reality. The SDGs are a global call for action to end poverty and set all the United Nations on the path to peace, and prosperity and create opportunity for everyone and on a healthy planet. 

To celebrate and promote the importance of SDGs, we are supporting the United Nations SDGs flag campaign that marks seven years since the agenda was established. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the SDGs and invites governments, schools, civil society organisations, and businesses across the UK to fly a UN SDG flag on 23 September. 

Gleeson Homes will be proudly flying its SDG flags from Friday 23 September until 3 October at its Sales Centres to show support and commitment to sustainable development, and to raise awareness of the UN SDGs amongst Gleeson colleagues, customers, and within our communities.