25th June 2024

Gleeson Land celebrates the sale of Sondes Place Farm, in Dorking

Gleeson Land is delighted to announce the news of a landmark deal the sale of Sondes Place Farm, located in Dorking, to renowned homebuilder Taylor Wimpey. This strategic sale marks the introduction of 144 essential new homes and generous high-quality greenspace.

The Sondes Place Farm development promises significant benefits for the local community:

  • Affordable Housing: A remarkable 50% of the new homes will be designated as affordable housing, exceeding local policy requirements by 10%.
  • Enhanced Facilities: The project includes new facilities for the local school, enhancing educational opportunities for residents. Additionally, measures to reduce traffic congestion will improve overall quality of life.
  • Biodiversity Net Gain: We are committed to environmental stewardship. The development will achieve an impressive 22% Biodiversity Net Gain, surpassing the mandated 10%. A lush 3.5-hectare green space will be accessible to the public
  • Job Creation: Between 336 and 434 direct, indirect, and induced jobs will be generated, invigorating the local economy.
  • Economic Boost: The Sondes Place Farm development is projected to contribute up to £4 million in additional consumer spending annually.

In collaboration with Land and Brand New Homes Ltd, this achievement represents Gleeson Land’s second triumph in Green Belt appeals, a feat that has been notably difficult to attain within the industry.

Since October 2022, the industry has seen only seven successful Green Belt appeals across the country, and Gleeson Land is proud to have contributed to two of these rare successes.

The development at Sondes Place Farm is not just a testament to Gleeson Land’s commitment to addressing the housing shortage but also reflects the company’s expertise in navigating complex planning landscapes to deliver beautiful, sustainable and community-focused projects.