19 August 2022

On Friday the Gleeson land team headed to London for their summer fun day dubbed the ‘Gleeson Land Cluego Championships’.

Cluego is a GPS based game in which each team has to collect as many points as possible by passing through points on the map and then successfully completing challenges and questions.

Team 1 - Scott’s Explorers
Rachel Scott (c) 
James Pitt                         
Dan Kightley
Jack Moffat
John Smith (sub)

Team 2 - Que Sera Sera
Sara Cromwell (c)
Nick Parsons
Mark Noton
Peter Rawlinson
Rob Phillips (sub)

Team 3 - Knott to be Beaten
Zoe Knott (c)
Nick Keeley
Paul Slingo
Keiron Coulter

The day kicked off with some light stretching and pre-match nutrition at Giraffe on Southbank. Some teams used this time for some video analysis, while others focused more on their mindset for the day ahead. The players headed out of Giraffe and on to the pitch, getting their first taste of the atmosphere, before the referees briefing. He told them to ‘keep it clean out there, and to just enjoy themselves’.

The whistle blew, the three teams sprinted into action.

In the chaos Team 1 were lost and confused walking the wrong way, until the referee intervened and guided them in the right direction. There was a frenzy of early action as each team jostled for lead. Team 1 were the steady performers of the day, making chances and putting them away. They were exceedingly creative, and their confidence built as the game unfolded. Dan Kightley put in a stellar performance, Rachel Scott noted ‘his intensity and devotion to the club was clear to see as he tirelessly sprinted the streets of London’. During half-time the team opted for Ben & Jerrys over orange slices to fuel them through the second half. Often with substitutions the team dynamic changes, however, the introduction of John Smith late in the second half only improved on an already strong team performance, his introduction and combination work with James Pitt, added the late spark Team 1 needed to see out the game.

Team 2 worked tirelessly throughout, their captain Sara Cromwell showed her ability, as she led them courageously through some tough challenges. Her puzzle mastery and leadership was something to behold, communicating effectively and choregraphing an impressive team goal celebration (although we think they had a couple of practice attempts before). Following this, a display of what can only be described as magic, transforming little bits of nothing into a goal as sweet as a jam tart (Tic Tok Style). Like the Brazilian teams of old, Team 2 added panache and natural flair lighting up the highlight reel. The late introduction of Rob Phillips further benefitted the team, Rob featured heavily in the second half popping up at vital moments to maximise the score. An honourable mention to Peter Rawlinson who worked tirelessly throughout providing some moments of brilliance. Sadly he had to leave the field early, but the team were delighted with his performance; a contender for player of the match.

Team 3 took an early lead with some smart photography and ‘Chaser’ style general knowledge, they looked in control of the match. The whole team were performing well and dominating the park. The strong performance up to halftime bred confidence amongst the team and in a strong position, refreshments of oranges and water were exchanged for Crisps, Beers, and Cokes. Zoe Knott (team captain) needed to leave the field which left the team one player down. As the final whistle approached the team were still looking in good shape however a barrage of attacks on the teams device, in what can only be described as an orchestrated and premeditated move from Team 1 and Team 2, coupled with Keiron’s choice of footwear (Brogues Keiron, Brogues!!) began to catch up with him.

The final whistle blew, and we met in the club house to share stories of our adventures and exploits, enjoy a cold crisp drink, and time to review the photos from the day.

The games master then confirmed the result which was a follows:

Team 1 – Joint Winners

Team 2 – Joint Winners

Team 3 – Wooden Spoon

After the excitement of the games, the team then enjoyed a lovely pub lunch at the Nag’s Head. A great way to end an amazing day with the team.