13 December 2022

Gleeson Land are delighted to have secured their seventh appeal success on the trot in 2022, this time in relation to our 200-dwelling proposal in the Basildon Green Belt. The site had been an emerging allocation and we had worked very closely with the Council to develop a well-designed scheme for the site. During the determination period all technical issues were resolved, leaving the principle of development within the Green Belt as the outstanding issue. The Council had intended to determine the application and issue the decision at the earliest opportunity following the adoption of the Local Plan, however the Plan was unfortunately withdrawn by Members. This resulted in us appealing and the Public inquiry took place during September with the decision issued on the 9th December. The Inspector accepted our case in every aspect and concluded that ‘Therefore, there is no justified basis to resist the appeal proposal’. The decision will help deliver much needed housing within Basildon. 

Thank you to everyone who assisted with the application and appeal.